Friday, April 15, 2011

As It Is - A Short Film About Non-Duality

I'm usually not the one to send on links to videos but I think most everyone can be helped by this following link. Click on it and go to You Tube and watch the video...

It is grounds for thought.


With Love and Happiness


Monday, April 04, 2011

My Own Personal Self-Help Book

The Art of Living In the Now / Be Here Now / The Power of Now...

These are all very popular titles to big selling books but I have a book with only one page.

"How To Live In The Now"

1. Breathe - I know it is hackneyed and trite and just on the edge of being a total cliche` but consider that it is such a cliche` because it is true! Breathe and pay attention to your breath and you will tune in very quickly to what's happening around you.

2. Forgive - Most of the time when I'm drifting away from the here/now I find it is because I am dwelling upon something done to me or another, in the past, which I am holding onto with fresh resentment. This distracts me from relaxing into the present moment. So, in order to stay healthy and stay in the moment, I have to give up on on my anger and forgive. Forgive everything, even if there doesn't seem to be a good reason for the forgiveness. You will find that the reason is that it makes us happier people. Forgiveness isn't altruistic... it is selfish and wonderfully so.

3. Love - OK, so it's nothing new, but I must say that one of the things that keeps me from staying in the now is fearing something which is coming up or which I'm afraid I will get wrong in the future or something someone is going to do to me which I'm fearing and I've found that fear is the opposite of love. Dig that? It's not hate, hate is a product of fear, you cannot hate what you don't fear and you cannot fear when you love. So... Love. It helps you stay in the moment.

4. Repeat. That's it. Simple... not really easy, but very simple. K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, Sammy) Don't get bogged down with too much over-thinking of the subject. It's easier if you just let the moment wash over you with a minimum of furious thought.

One of my favorite posters from the 60's said, "Sometimes I sits and thinks, other times I just sits" That's the secret, learn how to become a fool without being foolish.

One page... I'm done... please purchase 4 million copies and make me rich... I'm waiting.


S.A.M. Tanner

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And The Snake Eats Its Tail Again!

There is, in legends too old to find provenance for, a story of the hoop-snake, who grabs his tail with his mouth and then having made a circle of himself, creates his own forward progress (movement) by rolling over and over in a wheel-like manner.

This hoop-snake supposedly has magical powers and if about to be captured by humans, will swallow its tail and magically eat itself whole thereby disappearing into that strange place from whence the Mobius Strip came. This magical snake cannot be caught by humans and those humans who try would end up with a handful of air. The only way to catch the snake is to not try to catch it. Instead, the aware human is supposed to sing to the snake with songs of love so that it will roll in circles around said aware human until it comes to rest at his feet. Then he can reach down and pick it up. I've always felt there was something important in this legend and now I believe I know.

I've seen in one of my half-waking visions that the hoop-snake is a symbol for inevitable occurrence and that man is not supposed to have control. Instead, man is but to witness the unfolding of events and reflect upon them as they roll by. If he tries to hold onto this bit of reality, he finds himself with a handful of air. We humans are not meant to grasp upon the wheels of this living world. We are to merely observe and appreciate. If we try more... we get much less.

And now I bring myself to talk about Libya.

Here is a country torn by the forces of anger and fear. It has a leader who is part mystic, part crazy-man (crazy like a fox), and part despotic dictator. Following the upheavals in many of the other Arab countries of Northern Africa, we see a civil war occurring. It was almost inevitable, wasn't it? This tide of revolution and despair rolled out from Cairo and Tunisia and couldn't avoid investing itself in Libya, could it? But under the surface what is happening? These waves of revolution and change have a deeper current flowing under them and we should see that these changes probably won't create happy little democracies as we would hope but instead will make chunks of territory ripe for the picking by the NWO (or whatever we are currently calling the machinations of the banksters this week).

Gaddafi (another false prophet in Bedouin clothes) is resisting. He has marshaled his forces and attempted to gain control of his country by force. This has lead The Powers That Be (TPTB) to instigate a "no fly zone" in an attempt to control the outcome of the popular rising against Gaddafi.

This heroic (yeah, right) effort by the NATO forces (With the USA leading the way as usual) to cement the re-alignment of Northern Africa with their "New World Order" has been portrayed, in the media, as a great undertaking of freedom and a blessing to the poor, downtrodden citizens of Libya and we are told to watch the great popular uprising of the people, whom we are "protecting" from Qaddafi's forces of evil, as they free their country and make it a wonderful place where freedom will reign.


Watch the snake eat its tail again.

Consider these things...

One) Qaddafi, though a truly destructive leader, has been tolerated by TPTB for close to forty years because he has done the one thing a leader sitting on oil is supposed to do: make the oil continue to flow into the maws of the industrial countries who need it to keep their fantasy freedoms from crashing down around their ears. These leaders and "free countries" have ignored the crap to which he's subjected his people for far too long and it's only when the time is convenient for these "leaders of the free" that anyone lifted a finger for these poor downtrodden Arabs in Libya.

Two) Though Libya's control of the Earth's oil reserves is rather small in respect to the whole of the Earth's total found deposits of rock oil, the cost of oil has "magically" gone up by 100% in the world markets and the oil producers are now making huge profits from the toxic sludge they are pumping from the ground. Do you think that maybe the King of Saudi Arabia can afford to give his citizens a small percentage of the money they are making from oil sales in an attempt to bribe them into not revolting? At over a Billion (yes phokes, that's Billion with a "B"!) dollars a day in oil sales, I think they can afford a 500 million dollar give-away to their citizens. This increase in oil prices is so convenient for the "NWO" as to be laughable. Our money is being poured down the rat-hole which is the pockets of the international banksters.

Three) Nobody is talking about the 40 TONS of depleted uranium which has been rained down on Libya by the Nato forces in an effort to "free" them from Qaddafi! Depleted uranium is one of the most toxic substances known to the world. Depleted doesn't mean it's not radioactive. I just means it isn't so radioactive that we can use it to make bombs or power our destructively dangerous nuclear power plants. It is still very toxic. It is a heavy metal, heavier than lead, and much more poisonous. Now the people of Libya have tons of the stuff leaking radiation into their air and tons of particles of the toxic metal floating in the air for their children to inhale so that the radiation can sit in their lungs and give them cancer a few years down the road.

So, we watch this horrendous series of events unfold in front of us. We observe, but if we reach out to try to stop it, then the snake will eat its own tail and we will be left holding air. These events are so huge in their scope and so very wrong that it is only by meditating and breathing deeply and regularly and chanting "Om" as I chew on these mushrooms (joke) that I can keep myself from trying to reach out and hold the snake. I know it cannot be done, but I have the urge to grab and try to stop this. But I know, from hard-earned experience, that it is wiser to love than to hate and it is better to envision a better world than to try to force the world to change to my desires and acknowledge with my futile denials the truth that all this has a purpose.

It is easy to become very jaded and cynical if one is not careful (BIG WINK).

And still I want to reach out and grab the snake and make it stop rolling away with my world.

I want to try to stop TPTB from stealing this world out from under the rest of us humans. I want to "make it stop" and control this "circle of life" from occurring, but I can't. The hoop-snake is on a roll and nothing I do will allow me to make it stop. If I try to grab the snake, the whole process disappears... only to appear in a different form elsewhere. Maybe it will appear in Georgia (the country, not the state of the USA) where it appears that Russia will soon be allowed to force the people there to re-join the corrupt Russian Federation. Maybe in China. Maybe in Indonesia. And the hoop-snake keeps rolling.

There is one thing we can do... We can love. Love the banksters and their sad machinations. Love Qaddafi and his insane attempt to hold onto power. Love the hypocritical leaders of our countries who try to steal freedom from us while pretending to protect us. Love the snake as it rolls by and by doing so, we negate its power to get anywhere.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hurry, Hurry... The Movie Is Starting!

There was a fireball seen descending over Jerusalem a while ago (I was fascinated by the implications at the time) which some are now claiming was done by Lord Maitreya (If you don't know who Lord Maitreya is, you obviously haven't been paying enough attention to the internet... You Tube has a lot of stuff about the guy... I believe he is a false prophet, one of those wolves in sheep's clothing which The Bible told us about in the Book of Revelations) as a way of showing the world that "He Has Arrived". Of course I'm eating much salt at this time but the old illusionist's trick of mis-direction is apparent. There are some who are now claiming that the 9.0 in Japan, which had weird "scalar" readings on the seismographs was caused by "HAARP" (again, I direct you to You Tube to check out the umpteen videos about HAARP if you are not familiar with what it is... there are many people who claim it is much more than to what the gov't admits) as an attempt to direct the world's attention away from the ramp up in the Mid East towards world control by one group on the vast majority of the world's oil. This includes huge reserves sitting off the coast of Vietnam and Borneo which have been discovered but not exploited as the OWG guys consolidate control over Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Vietnam.

I believe the "take over" will have two prongs... one will be a new religion arising around a "magician/spiritual avatar" who will perform miracles and declare a New Age... Meanwhile, the banksters will be instituting a complete controlling hand over the resources of the planet: oil, minerals/metals, water, transportation etc. in order to create a system of slavery. The slavery will be hidden behind both the necessity (as they will say) to save humanity from extinction (a condition which they have had a very bloody hand in producing) and the "spiritual freedom" which worshipping this new "Avatar" will seemingly produce. It's like the joke of the priests in the temple who get everyone to kow-tow to the idol of the god while picking their back pockets.

I'm going to make sure I have a big bag of Jelly Bears so I can watch the whole movie without going to the lobby in the middle and missing out.

In the meanwhile I pray in god... a lot!

With Love,


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pass Me Some More Sand, Mr. Sandman!


Sometimes I feel like there isn't enough sleep left in the universe.

The other day I was feeling tired. I went to bed early (7 PM) and slept deeply until about 12:30 AM when I awoke, drank some water, made water, and went back to sleep when I awoke again at 7 AM and repeated the process (with some heart medication added to the mix) and then slept until 10 AM when I awoke and told myself that "this is enough, time to get up" and then closed my eyes for what was going to be "just a few seconds" and found myself awakening at 3 PM!! I had slept about 20 hours and really needed to get up!

So what is causing this great desire for nap time? Is it my health? Is it Wintertime? Is it the fact that the Mayan Calendar has put us into the 9th "Underworld" and we are slouching towards 2012 with a most unseemly speed?

I don't know. I only know that sleep has become a very welcome commodity in my life and I cannot seem to get enough. I'm not depressed. I feel fairly positive about life. I'm meditating regularly, the house is clean, I'm clean, the car is clean... there's food in the pantry. But I'm a sleeping machine of the first water.

Whatever is causing this, I'm not sure I want it to end. My only problem is I cannot seem to get enough time in the day to do the other things I really want to do (like go to the spa and exercise, go to the theatre and see the plays and movies I want to see, or spend time talking with my friends and visiting with my loved ones) when I'm not snoring and snorting on a horizontal surface.

At least, unlike Snow White, I don't have to wait for some ponced-up prince to kiss me so I can get up.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh Sure! Nuclear Energy Is Safe!

I remember when the wonderful people at PG&E (Pacific Graft & Extortion) built their nuclear energy plants in California and time after time the people told the government they didn't want such dangerous things in our state.

They told us they were safe and that with their safety systems, no earthquake would hurt them enough to cause any release of radioactive material...

And now in Japan, a country which has much better control of their technology and much better safety systems due to their constant earthquake problems we have a power plant which is about to go "China Syndrome" (what do you call it when you are next to China?) on them with total melt-down. The only thing which will help them is that they are near the ocean and they can flood the containment with sea water and large amounts of boric acid.

It makes me want a nuclear (pronounce that "New-Clear" in honor of ex-president Shrub) power plant in my neighborhood! Oh goody!

Let's start some DNA rearrangement soon!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Quick! Grab Your Surfboards!

So, the tsunami scare turned out to be kinda over-inflated. But then we all knew in our heart of hearts that it wouldn't be as life-threatening as we were told it could be.

Let's not all drink the kool-aid on this one.

My brother lives on the coast and we talked about his options come the waves of the tsunami. We agreed that it would be prudent to move the car out of the low-level parking garage and get it up to the street and maybe behind a building or two... He lives on a promontory above the beach overlooking Monterey Bay and it's close enough to the water that I thought maybe he should go for a drive and head inland. But in the end it was a miss not a hit.

Good enough.

After all we've got enough to worry us.

Global Warming
New Diseases and Plagues
Potential Ice Age Coming (ironic, isn't it?)
Republicans (oops! I promised to be non-partisan)
End of Oil

The list goes on and on.

But then I look out of my window at a beautiful partially cloudy sky and realize that as long as there is breathe, there is hope.

Or as the old Romans would say,

"Dum Spiro Spero"

Let's paint a smile on our clown faces and get ready to dance while we can.

They're All Asleep At The Switch!

So I've been having problems getting access to another blog which I set up as a joke and to which I would love to gain access again. Too bad, I can't get in.

The problem being that I've forgotten the email address which I used to set up the account. It was an hotmail account and I stopped using it long ago.

I've sent messages to blogger support but I'm getting nothing. No answers... I just get forwarded to a "bulletin board" where us users are supposed to answer our own questions so they don't have to pay to have someone actually answer our questions.

The whole thing is stupid... the whole thing is frustrating and I start to realize that I've run up against this wall of stupidity masquerading as poor customer service before and been just as frustrated by the situation. And then...

I realize that I've run into this all over the place in "real" life as corporate world think steps up with the brilliant idea of refusing to acknowledge the users of their services so they don't have to engage in customer service. It's a policy and it's not right.

We put up with it.

It's our fault.

I am standing up and going to the window and I'm opening the window and I'm shouting to the world...

"I'm MAD as HELL and I'm not going to take it anymore!!

I'm not going to buy their products if they don't want to acknowledge my existence.
I'm not going to go to their theatres if they don't want to acknowledge my existence.
I'm not going to pay for services if they don't want to acknowledge my existence.

(Of course, the exception is going to have to be blogger... or you won't be able to read this)

I'm going to become the sand in the grease on the wheels of the machine... if only for entertainment purposes.


Saturday, March 05, 2011

He's Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

So here we are again...

Testing, testing... can you hear me now? (OK, joke over)

Sorry to take so long to get back with you all, but your un-faithful correspondent has been asleep at the switch as he danced with the distant drummers in his head and enjoyed the dramatic parade of the human race. We seem to be imitating lemmings in a most entertaining manner.

So, people ask me, "What have you been doing?" and I find it embarrassing to admit that "not much" is an apt description. Can I admit that I've actually checked out in a manner similar to those hermits on the mountain tops? I spend an awfully filled time listening to the world and watching movies.

I just can't be bothered to pay attention sometimes.

I've come to believe in non-duality so there comes a time when you have let go and your ego is temporarily put to sleep and you can enjoy listening to the sound of the traffic going by your window and find peace in the click of the rainspout as droplets of the latest rain make percussive falls to the ground.

You can enter Zen from anywhere, blah blah blah...

So, how can I make pithy conversation when I've lost a bit of faith in conversation itself?

More later.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Slouching Towards The Cataclysm

There is a news report in the public media which states that certain celebrities are now considered the "most influential". These include (and feature at the top) such luminaries as Leonardo de Caprio and Rosie O'Donnell.

I'm horrified.

Where are the Einsteins of our current times? Where are the people who have actual brains and have spent their time thinking clearly about our present problems and have a vision centered towards solving our world's problems? They're not here. Instead we get Rosie, a woman who oogles Tom Cruise on daytime T.V. and who spouts her views in outrageously loud and poorly thought-out tones. Instead we get an actor who has studied nothing of import and who's main talent is impersonating other people.

At the very least we should be looking at people like the musician Sting who, taking the large amounts of money he has earned as a popular music star, spends his time practicing yoga, meditating and teaching himself how to play medieval instruments in order to stretch his brain.

We are guilty of worshipping false idols and I'm afraid that perhaps our punishment for this basic fault will be as biblical as the warnings.

We need to wake up and smell the Apocalypse.
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